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Happy Nurses Week

May 05, 2020

rockwood retirement spokane nurses week

Happy Nurses Week to All The Nurses At Rockwood Retirement

Rockwood Retirement Communities is pleased to join the World Health Organization in recognizing 2020 as Year of the Nurse, and in celebrating the American Nursing Association’s annual International Nurses Week, May 6 through May 12.

The last day of International Nurses Week coincides with Florence Nightingale’s birthday. You may remember Florence Nightingale as the founder of modern nursing. She was an English nurse who was the first woman to receive the Order of Merit for the management, nurse training, and care she provided soldiers during the Crimean War in the 1850s. Florence Nightingale went on to found a nursing school in London and was a leader in social reform. Today’s nurses honor her work and life through their own careers over a century and a half later

Hard Work and Dedication

Nurses at retirement, assisted living, and skilled nursing facilities provide a wide variety of care and form close relationships with the people they serve. Assistance with personal care and hygiene, administering medications, assisting with mobility, and managing emotional needs are all aspects of nursing responsibilities at Rockwood.

rockwood retirement spokane nurses week

Rockwood Atrium Nurses from L to R: Erika Maltzsky, Mercedes Cousland, Cathy Rosenlund, Cassadi Bruce

An important service our nurses provide residents in addition to care service is administering wellness programs. These nurses coordinate programs with other departments to ensure that health and safety measures are always maintained while our residents benefit from a better quality of life. Rockwood’s highly educated, experienced, and dedicated nurses develop and provide customized care when residents’ needs change.

Thankful for Our Devoted Nursing Team

We are fortunate to have many experienced and dedicated nurses who have served Rockwood residents for years. Rockwood is proud of our amazing team of nurses who follow in Florence Nightingale’s footsteps to provide vital health care and assistance for our residents. We couldn’t fulfill our organization’s mission without these dedicated and caring team members.

In recognition of International Nurses Week, we wish to specially acknowledge the following long-term Rockwood nurses:

Deb Lemley, LPN, Rockwood South Hill — 28 years
Lunis Spears, NAC, Rockwood South Hill — 20 years
Mila Verkovod, RN, Rockwood South Hill — 15 years
Susan Vowell, RN, Rockwood Hawthorne — 12 years
Erin Bast, RN, Rockwood Hawthorne — 8 years

Mila Verkovod, RN at Rockwood South Hill, took a short break from her duties to talk about why she appreciates working at Rockwood Retirement Communities.

 “I love participating in the many levels of care we provide at Rockwood. I have gained experience in every area of care, and train CNAs (Certified Nursing Assistants) and nurses on a continual basis. I am currently teaching on goals and tasks for how to protect our residents and staff against COVID-19. At Rockwood, each employee contributes to the mission of serving residents. For me, to properly do my job and to see the residents’ smiles is very satisfying. Nurses and all staff members want to serve and show our excellence. This is a very friendly environment. Everything we do is to make residents feel like they are home.”

A Special Invitation

We invite Rockwood Retirement Communities residents, staff, and guests to give special recognition to all our hard-working nurses during International Nurses Week and the remainder of the 2020 Year of the Nurse. These nurses are here for you. Let’s show them just how much they are appreciated!