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Rockwood Retirement Communities Spokane Residents Taking a Jog In a Park


Enhancing Vitality and Quality of Life

live well rockwood retirementLiveWell, which represents Rockwood Retirement Communities’ philosophy of wellness, is a holistic approach that enhances vitality and quality of life. The LiveWell philosophy rallies residents and staff to have fun and be creative in the pursuit of personal wellness, to making informed choices, and to unite our community to support one another to live our best life. 

This philosophy is integral to our culture so residents are encouraged to participate in any of the LiveWell events that strikes their interests and supports their needs. Our focus is to promote and support successful aging by maximizing each individual’s strengths and helping them to be engaged at all levels.  

Giving structure to this philosophy are seven dimensions of wellness to support an individual’s pursuit of a successful and healthy life.

  • Entertainment and Fun
  • Financial Well Being
  • Healthy Body and Mind
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Safe Life Practices
  • Social Connections
  • Spirituality and Mindfulness