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What Makes Rockwood Different?

Rockwood is one of the only mission-driven, locally owned, non-profit retirement home provider's in the Inland Northwest.

We have served Spokane seniors since 1960 with a mission of providing lifelong vitality and independence to our residents. Resident's wellbeing is at the heart of all decision making at Rockwood. 

In our licensed health care areas, we provide person-centered care, to ensure that one’s rhythm of life and individual preferences are supported and embraced. Person-centered care promotes choice, purpose and meaning to daily life, and our staff places a premium on active listening and observing in order to adapt to meet each resident’s needs. Ultimately, our staff really get to know our residents and their families, helping to nurture and facilitate a more caring environment. We take pride in knowing that we have served three generations of families, and we look forward to the generations to come.

Residents serve on our Board of Trustees and serve on many committees that influence how the communities operate. There is also a culture of giving at Rockwood. The Rockwood Residents' Foundation has provided financial assistance to residents who, through no fault of their own, have depleted their resources. It is an important peace of mind that residents will not be asked to leave if they outlive their resources.