Our Focus on Health and Safety during COVID 19

What’s Available?

COVID-19 and Social Distancing FAQs

Visits are from 8:00am to 7:00pm.  Visitations are permitted with independent residents of the Towers, but they are restricted to their apartment and limited to 2 people per day.  Visitations with residents in healthcare are limited to outside areas, or through reservations for Viva Cafe and the Main Lounge.  Call 536-6650 for a reservation. 

We encourage families to call, mail letters and cards, send or drop off care packages. We are also encouraging families and friends to keep in touch via Skype, Facetime, Zoom and other digital means.

Essential individuals are screened upon entering the community by answering a set of specific questions regarding symptoms, travel and possible exposure, as well as having their temperature taken. All of this is required to be recorded. We also inform them of the protocols they are to follow regarding the use of personal protective equipment, including the use of a face mask at all times, except for in an isolated area such as an office. Residents who live in our main buildings are screened upon reentry.

We are happy to help get supplies to residents. Packages may be brought to our main entrances and we will deliver them to the resident. Please make sure their name is on the package. We are also happy to receive any packages sent via the mail or shipping companies.

Yes, we are still taking residents to medical appointments. Most non-medical transportation has been discontinued, however we are providing personal help with online ordering and our staff can pick up prescriptions and groceries.  We are offering some outings which residents must sign up for in advance due to limited numbers. 

Residents are receiving their meals in their apartment homes or health care rooms. Our Dining Services team are providing breakfast, lunch and dinner service to residents’ doors. They may choose from two entrees with a variety of sides, and lunch and dinner include dessert. Beverages are also included.

Residents are enjoying ways to stay active and connected. Residents can follow our handouts for in-home exercise, attend a Zoom fitness class or take a walk around the building or campus. We are providing brain puzzles and links to other stimulating resources on the internet. We have residents who are enjoying the use of Zoom meetings for Bible Study and Zoom ‘n Schmooze on Saturday mornings. We have even gotten creative to provide some outdoor, open air concerts! We have a team of employees who are personally contacting each resident to check in with them, and help to assist with whatever they may need.

Yes, however we strongly discourage any unnecessary contact with the public. Residents who reside in our apartment homes will be screened before re-entry.

We invite you to contact our Marketing team find out more about life at Rockwood. To find out what we have available please call us at (509)536-6850 or visit our Availability page to see what is currently available. We can do a wonderful virtual tour and are meeting with prospective residents by appointment.