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2018 RSH LAW Awards

July 09, 2018
by Lisa VanMansum

Rockwood Retirement Communities receives awards at LeadingAge Washington Conference

Spokane Wash

Rockwood Retirement Communities is pleased to announce that they have received two Sales and Marketing awards at the recent annual LeadingAge Washington Conference held at the Davenport Grand in Spokane, WA. Awards received include:

Social Media Gold Award for a Resident Spotlight video titled “Carla”
Social Accountability/Community Outreach Event Gold Award for our partnership with Lincoln Heights Elementary School and the Bite2Go program

Social Media Gold Award -- The marketing team realized that after years of focus on The Summit, it was time to re-focus on Rockwood South Hill as a community. We often say during tours that, “It’s the people who make Rockwood special.” It was decided that to emphasize our residents, we needed to develop resident videos that showed how interesting and amazing they truly are. The goal was to create videos about the person and not have the focus be on Rockwood. We wanted potential residents to watch the videos and say to themselves, “I want to be that person’s neighbor.”

Rockwood teamed up with professional video producer, Kris Faulkner, to develop the first Resident Spotlight video. We were thrilled when resident Carla Peperzak agreed to share her story and to let Kris shadow her for over six months. Carla has a very unique and compelling story and is very active in many organizations to share her experiences during World War II.

The first Resident Spotlight, “Carla”, was launched on Facebook on January 12. The response has far surpassed any of our previous posts - 1,700 people were reached compared to an average of 200 for our other posts. 881 people have viewed the video and 109 people reacted to it. 18 people to date have shared the video. The video is also located on the homepage of Rockwood’s website www.rockwoodretirement.org and is being regularly watched by visitors to the site.

Social Accountability/Community Outreach Event Gold Award -- Rockwood South Hill residents and staff have adopted Lincoln Heights Elementary School. Our combined team, which includes two other businesses, supports 90 students in the Bite2Go program. This service work has grown to also include support at school events, supplies drives, classroom help and reading buddies. For us, the success has also included a way for our organization to make a direct impact on children and families in our neighborhood. The icing on the cake is the good feeling our residents and staff share knowing that they have personally made a difference and that we have become a part of the Lincoln Heights Elementary School family.

Rockwood Retirement Communities promote independence, wellness and lifelong vitality by providing housing and services to seniors, with a commitment to excellence. Rockwood Retirement Communities owns and operates Rockwood South Hill, Rockwood Hawthorne, and Appleway Court.

For more information, contact Alan Curryer, President and CEO.

2903 E. 25th Ave.
Spokane, WA 99223