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5 Reasons to Live at a Rockwood Community

March 09, 2021

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During Uncertain Times, You Can Count on Rockwood

What is a Life Plan Community?

Life Plan Communities are seniors’ most popular choices for those looking for a community setting. Life Plan Communities promote active, independent lifestyles through a comprehensive offering of on-campus services, amenities, and healthcare. A Life Plan Community is an excellent long-term solution for seniors who want a comprehensive plan with various options.

If health needs change, on-site healthcare options such as various levels of assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing protect residents from having to make quick, life-altering decisions. Life Plan Communities are attractive to single residents and couples. Single residents may want to plan for their future. For couples, one spouse can receive specific care while the other spouse remains independent and receives a different, or the same, level of care depending on need. In addition to peace of mind, residents appreciate other notable benefits such as community support, dedicated staff, stability, creative resources, and convenience. Read on to learn more about the benefits of living in a Rockwood Community.

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1. Support of a Caring Community of Friends

There is comfort in knowing you are not alone. Rockwood residents enjoy living in beautiful neighborhoods and are delighted, so many neighbors become friends. We frequently hear from residents who are grateful their neighbors’ welcome mats are always out for a delightful conversation. Residents enjoy full lives, travel adventures, what their kids are up to, the latest grandchildren antics, or fascinating books just read. There’s always a friend to walk with, laugh with, and even cry with. You’ll find the kindness of friends at Rockwood.

 “As a single woman, I am so lucky to have chosen Rockwood as my life partner. I feel incredibly supported here. With children out of state, I have the security of a community of friends to walk with, laugh with and socialize with. And I love not having the burden of house maintenance which gives me more time to enjoy the lifestyle at Rockwood.” — Phebe T., resident

2. Dedicated and Reliable Staff To Depend On

Rockwood proudly employs one team member for every three residents, on average. With staff available to be of service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, residents can go about their day doing more of what they enjoy and less of what they don’t. Dedicated, well-trained, on-campus team members provide essential services such as security, maintenance, and blood pressure checks.

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3. Stability in Uncertain Times

During these uncertain times, it seems every day can bring a new concern. When you live in a Rockwood Community, life feels more stable. Predictable finances take the worry out of unexpected monthly expenses. For instance, if your sink springs a leak, Rockwood fixes it, no charge. If your stove goes kaput, Rockwood replaces it, no charge. If a tree falls on your property, Rockwood removes it and repairs any damage, no charge. Have a health concern? Rockwood’s healthcare team is on-campus 24/7. Residents can access on-campus long-term care, providing a safety net should their health status change.

 “I have a degree in Microbiology, so I understand how quickly viruses spread. The staff is doing a great job with cleaning being done several times a day, which is great. They are very diligent for our safety.” — Walt J., resident

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4. Abundant Resources and Creativity

While most lifestyle activities look different right now during the pandemic, Rockwood kept residents connected, engaged, and entertained. Our popular LiveWell program promotes wellness through a holistic approach to body, mind, and spirit. For example, socially distanced exercise classes, virtual classes, and private training sessions are available. How about participating in a walking challenge or a virtual Bloomsday group? Rockwood welcomes residents to sign up and be involved. Card games, board games, borrowing good books from our campus library, and campus book groups keep residents mentally active.

To lift residents’ spirits during the pandemic, staff reached out to residents with phone calls, notes, and e-mails. The resulting personal exchanges were heartwarming for both staff and residents. Rockwood’s chaplain offers additional spiritual care through non-denominational church services and counseling.

5. Convenience

When you live in a Rockwood community, you have access to meals, cocktails, and a campus store, greatly diminishing the need to make trips off-campus. Delicious meals, prepared at our first-rate Rockwood restaurants, can be delivered right to your door. If you live in an apartment home, you can choose a specialty cocktail from the bar cart strolling your hallway. Need some toothpaste? No problem. The store offers basics such as milk, laundry detergent, wine, and even toilet paper! When you do need to go off-campus, Rockwood transportation is available for doctor’s appointments, trips to the local shopping center, or just taking a relaxing scenic ride.

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